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As a Catholic Relationship and Mindset Coach, I help my clients to heal and mend a troubled relationship or a difficult event such as an illness, divorce or death, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I use a much different approach than other forms of coaching and therapy for many reasons but a particular benefit to Christian coaching is asking for God to intercede and guide each session. Through the power of God and coaching, the client is able to heal.

As a trained casual coach, I help you find the root cause of your problem, situation or circumstance so that you can create a real lasting solution, not just a bandage to a problem that resurfaces at a later time. I also help you to see your past as a guide to growth, not a place that you are stuck living in. Healing old memories and the wounds created from them allow you the freedom to live the beautiful future God has planned for your life.

As a Brain Health Coach, I will teach you how God created the brain so that you would have freewill, be able to make new choices every day so you can become the best version of YOU! Learning how the brain works is fun and answers a lot of questions of why you think, feel and act the way you do. You will see how easy it is to recreate the neuropathways that keep you stuck and not moving forward. Learn why you think the way you do and why you feel those painful emotions so you can finally have a better, happier, more balance life. 

As a spiritual coach, I help you see God’s love for you and the purpose He has for your life. How God works in your life, protecting and keeping you safe so you begin to trust God to facilitate your future. 

In every session we pray, allow God into the conversation to guide, coach and teach through me. During our session, I will teach you a tool that will help you grow, heal, nurture your faith and see your life through the lens of God’s Love, Kindness and Mercy. Each session is 50 minutes. My fees are very reasonable. Packages are available for you or a loved one. Click below for my fees and calendar. I do not turn anyone away for financial reasons.
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How God Heals Us
Could We Be Hardwired to God?
Does everyone get healed?
I believe along with many others in healing ministry that Jesus always answers our prayers in 3 ways. Jesus may say “yes” and heal you immediately body, mind, soul and spirit, or “no not yet” as He heals you in the areas of your life that need attention and develops your faith along the journey or He says “maybe” as He works with you to see the blessing and lessons of the heart and fruits of the Spirit like patience as He works though the Holy Spirit to fully develop your faith. As a coach, I work with my clients on learning how to trust the Lord for His perfect timing in their healing.

As a Catholic, I have witnessed numerous people heal from debilitating cancers and many other debilitating diseases be healed from receiving Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist during a Catholic Healing Mass. I have seen others healed at a healing service in Christian Churches. I have been an instrument of healing while asking a stranger on the street looking sad if I can pray for them. I have witnessed instant miracles and I have seen many physical healings come in layers or waves. I believe this happens so that Jesus can heal them in other areas of their life. Jesus ultimately wants us to live the life He desires and if we need physical healing it is likely the disease started in our mind, emotions or spirit. Jesus loves us so much He does not want you to just be healed of your physical ailment, Jesus wants you to be healed body, mind, soul and spirit. This is why I believe deeply in coaching clients through the healing process. I find, if we heal our mind, we open up ourselves to be healed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Healing of our emotions happen when we manage our mind. Our mind is a powerful place where both God and darkness exist. Our thoughts cause our emotions and our emotions always come from the thoughts we are thinking. Our minds can cause disease. Our minds can cause us a lot of unnecessary pain and heartache but Jesus can heal us of every negative thought and feeling so our body can release any physical or emotional effect that our mind has caused to our body.
Scientists and doctors are looking to see if there is a place into our brain where we have a connection hardwired to our Creator, God. Through a brain spec scan, they have witnessed the right side of our brain light up as a patient prays, meditates, reads the bible or communicates to God. It is as though the brain has a direct pipeline to God. A place in our mind where we can live, breathe and grow in the spirit and develop our relationship fully with Our Father. Unfortunately, the left side of the brain lights up when the patient is exposed to things that are darker, like negativity and fear from news stories, horror movies and through creating other negative emotions. A place in the left side of the brain where depression exists and is allowed to grow.

My experience as a mindset coach, prayer warrior and brain health coach, shows there is a place in your brain that can lead you to a negative spin and where you feel like you are in a pit or stuck. Since the mind is also a place where the evil one can reside, it is so important to learn to manage our mind so that we learn how to feed the part of the brain that keeps us in the will of Our God and in relationship with Him. I have seen that when it comes to healing, if the person’s mind is negative, does not line up or willing to line up with the belief that they can be healed or deserve to be healed, they block their own healing with those negative thoughts. If they are healed, negative thoughts can attract the disease back in from the spirit world. That is why developing a person’s belief that Jesus can, not only heal them but that they are worthy of His Healing Love is important to the healing process.
When Jesus wills their healing, the person’s life is never the same. Jesus loves you and He wants you healed! I believe that faith, that belief that Jesus could and would heal them was the key difference to those who I witnessed that received a mighty miracle and those who did not. Their mind aligned with their emotions and their spirit received the healing touch for their bodies through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Now just a disclaimer, I have seen and been a part of praying over a faith filled person who did not get a physical healing even though they truly believed Jesus could and would heal them. Why they did not receive the mighty miracle I can’t answer for God. But this is what I do know, a faith filled person understands that God loves them and wants the best for them and their family. God knows our future and God has the sick person’s life in the Palm of His Hand throughout the illness and knows when it is the perfect time to heal and the time to go. Whatever He wills is what happens, and I have found through my faith and the Holy Spirit, dying is the greatest miracle one can received especially for a person who has been suffering for a long time.

Dying and going to heaven is the only true total healing of body, mind, soul and spirit. Even though that was not the person’s plan, and likely not the family and friends plan, we all die one day and that day is all part of Gods plan for our life. We must understand that those who have gone before us, have been waiting patiently for this glorious day when their loved one comes back to their eternal home. I have seen many miracles come from a faith filled person going through their illness and death process. I have seen people come to the faith, be converted and be healed mentally, emotionally and at times spiritually. I have seen the loved one who died live on in the lives of those who loved them.

I have also seen many miracles come from attending funerals. I was honored to be a part of a ministry that served at funerals. I witnessed family and friends that hadn’t spoke to each other in years be reconciled. I have seen the first miracle from the prayers of the person who died. I know my mother who died on November 22, 2019 helps my family and I more now that she is with our Lord. So miracles come in may sizes and how we think about healing and death will affect the journey. In the mean time, we learn to develop the side of the brain where God exists and grow our relationship with Him so when we come to the day when God says it’s time it is an easy transition from this world to the next.

Hear What Past Clients Say

  • As a Catholic, my faith is foundational to my life, giving it purpose and meaning. When I was seeking a Life Coach to assist me with a career change, I realized a Catholic Coach was very important for my needs. Working with a Catholic coach was instrumental in helping me to plan my next chapter. With Lori, our coaching sessions started and ended with prayer. Knowing that Lori understood that my Catholic Christian beliefs were essential to my life goals/plans helped me to trust her and be open and honest in all of our sessions. The alignment of our faith was key to my growth in our sessions and I am eternally grateful God sent her in my life.

    Mary Ann, 65
  • Lori is a talented life coach. She has wisdom that puts things that seem overwhelming into perspective and provides guidance that is actionable. Lori is so passionate about life coaching- she makes you feel like her only client and genuinely cares about you as a person. She utilizes her faith and helps you start your own journey to your walk with God. She has helped me through many hurdles in my life and gives me confidence in myself. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone- she can help you grow, learn about yourself and drive you to be the person you were created to be.

    Jim, 26
  • Lori absolutely changed my life. For years I struggled with anxiety which in turn made me depressed, I felt alone, lost and confused in my own mind.

    I knew my life was good. Why didn't I feel happy? Why did I worry about social interactions so much? I spent so much time worrying about whether worrying was normal.

    After working with Lori for 4 or so sessions things started turning around. I went from letting my emotions run my life to taking charge of running my life and regulating my emotions!

    I truly was in such a lost place I thought I had NO hope and was scared I'd never feel like myself again. Not only do I feel like myself, I am the best version of myself yet.

    Thank you for everything, Lori<3

    Melissa, 30
  • When I met Lori last year I was at the lowest point I have ever been. Feeling pretty hopeless. Bad enough that I figured I would try anything. I decided to try life coaching. The beginning was a lot of unloading . Reliving some hard memories I had buried pretty deep and didn't welcome easily but once I got them out and began learning an entire new approach to how to think about my experiences, a calmness I hadn't had in years came over me and the old me in that moment and moving forward was gone. Don’t get me wrong it took a lot of hard work. Pushing myself to do the outside work after learning the tools from Lori was when I really started to notice results even more dramatic then the beginning! 

    Her way of teaching is so inspirational and got me so excited to take my power back and jump into something that used to be so overwhelming for me and I had no idea where to start. She helped me map it all out and was super easy to follow along with. The "ammo" I now have to chose how I deal with the good and the bad completely and fully changed my life! I am a different person today. Lori's heart and love for God shines through her and I felt his presence throughout all our sessions! I feel more of a person and a better one at that from knowing Lori and letting her guide me to this miracle of getting my life back! I still have work to do on my journey but she is always there in my head guiding me back to how I need to be to get the results I want. 

    Thank you so much Lori!!!

    Brianna, 28
  • Lori helped me as a Catholic understand the healing process of looking in hope toward the future. I grew in my understanding of Jesus, and my identity as His beloved. Lori has a welcoming and understanding heart, always ready to listen and guide her clients to greater freedom in whatever they're wrestling with. I would recommend anyone to work with Lori and to continue in their journey with healing in the name of Jesus.

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