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Healing a dog

I've prayed intensively for my dog who became depressed out of the blue. It did not bark anymore, neither did it come to greet me when called. We have an extended holiday in my country. Not to mention, my area does not have too many professional vets. In our orthodox faith we have a saint called Modest who acts as an intermediary for sick pets. Using a special prayer I wholeheartedly consider that God healed my precious boy. All hail our Creator! And thanks Saint Modest!

December 1, 2022 | Razvan Neacsu


Was having some health problems with bladder issues.. for a week I have been cured after praying a novena, and asming God for his healing Praise the Lord, my God.

March 23, 2022 | Nellie

Miracle 2

I used to think that praying to God is to say the “Our Father” and the “Hail Mary”. Though I am a cradle Catholic, I left the church at 16 years old and only came back to church in Nov 2010. Even then, going to church was just a weekly obligation, I was just going through the motion. But things changed after my Conversion Experience Retreat in Aug 2012 followed by a week of guided prayers – the Sojourner’s Companion in Sep 2012. It was then that I established my weekday daily routine to spend 45 min to an hour in the Adoration Room in front of the Blessed Sacrament every morning, in communion with the Lord through my journaling. I love to journal and find it very therapeutic. Because I’m easily distracted, journaling helps me to keep focused on the Lord. It’s during the silence and the stillness of the mind that I can hear the Lord speaking to me. Through journaling, I have found completion to a lot of my unresolved ‘businesses’. I find healing in God’s amazing love and mercy. One such occasion happened on 24 Jan 2013 after my Inner Healing Retreat. I remember the day well as it was also the day right after my friend’s 19 year-old son’s funeral. At the funeral mass, my friend shared in her eulogy how her first pregnancy ended up in a miscarriage but the Lord spoke to her and promised her that she would have another child which she did a year later. Hearing her sharing brought up a lot of pain for me and reminded me of my own miscarriage. I thought to myself “How beautiful. How wonderful that the Lord should speak to her regarding the child she had miscarried. I lamented to God that I still have my unfinished business, my incompletion for the miscarriage I had had almost 3 years ago.” I had the miscarriage when I was 9½ weeks old pregnant in Sep 2009. As it was in my first trimester of pregnancy when I lost the child, we could not know the gender of the baby but in my heart, I knew it was a boy. I blamed myself for the loss of this boy whom we named Dominic. My husband and I were struggling in our marriage and we already have three children at that time aged 1, 3 and 5. When I discovered my pregnancy, I was overwhelmed and thought I could not have this child (not that I would abort the child) as I did not know how I could raise another one when my husband was very busy in his work and I often felt like a single mum. Anyhow, I found peace after 4 days, eventually accepted this pregnancy and was looking forward to the birth of my fourth child. But several weeks later, during my routine check with my gynaecologist, he could not detect any heartbeat in my baby and told me I had already miscarried. I carried a lot of guilt in me as I felt that my initial fear and rejection of having a fourth child was the reason why I lost the child. And for 2 years over, I would think of Dominic occasionally and the same old guilt and blame would assault me. At some point, I even blamed God and was angry with Him. If Dominic was not meant to be my child, then why did I even get pregnant. Why did I had to go through the ordeal? These questions kept popping up in my head. Anyway, fast forward to 24 Jan 2013, the day when I was in the Adoration Room. As usual, I began with inviting the Holy Spirit to be with me and then I read the Scripture of the day slowly 3 times. The scripture reading was taken from Mark 3:7-12. The Scripture was about how people came all over the region to see and hear Jesus and to be healed by Him. Because of the crowd, Jesus told His disciples to get ready a small boat lest the crowd should crush Him. This is what I wrote in my journal, word for word. Using the Ignatian Contemplation, I meditated and soon found myself as Andrew, one of Jesus’ disciples standing next to the small boat which Jesus sat in. I was trying to shield the people from Jesus, acting like His bouncer. There were just so many people, and they kept coming. I was standing there, judging these people, thinking how could they come so near to Jesus – the dirty, the ugly (those with leprosy and filled with sores) and the smelly, the sinful ones I looked at them with disdain and was angry with them at their lack of discretion. But soon my anger slowly dissipated into compassion – more so for Jesus. I had a newfound respect for Jesus as I saw Him lovingly and warmly welcoming everyone, though not all were grateful after getting what they wanted. He did not judge them, but healed and loved them all the same. Then, Jesus turned and looked at me and told me not to judge but to serve with humility. He said everyone has wounds and hurts – the deeper the hurts, the more they hurt others and become unlovable, that I should look at them with compassion. Everyone has a story and when I reach out to them, I would know why and what causes them to act the way they do. Even though those who seem to have it all – all the more they act and try to hide their insecurities. Just then, in the blink of an eye, instead of Jesus sitting in the middle of the boat, it was a special needs child – it was a boy, a 3 – 4 year-old boy. Straight away, I knew He’s Dominic, my Dominic. Jesus told me that He had to take Dominic away as I would not be able to handle a special needs child, that I have my pride and having such a child, in addition to the 3 young children that I already have would crush me. Jesus said that Dominic is with Him now - happy and accepted for who he is. Dominic turned and talked to me, “Mummy, I’m sorry. I don’t look normal, I am not like your other 3 beautiful children. I have to be up in Heaven with God and Jesus, be loved and protected by them.” He said to me that he would meet me someday in Heaven and he asked me whether I would be able to accept and love him because he’s different. I broke down and cried “I’m sorry, my child and that my strong aversions caused you to give up your life so that I could live with the so-called dignity.” I then saw myself as a 3-year-old little girl, talking to Dominic. I looked at him and said “You look different.” Dominic said back to me “You look different too.” We both then smiled at each other. I told Dominic “I like you” and gave him a hug. I remember breaking down and crying (weeping silently and uncontrollably) – torrents of tears just washed over me as I thought of my sinfulness – my judgmental ways. After the crying subsided, I thanked Jesus for showing me why Dominic was taken away. I thanked Jesus for His compassion and I asked for forgiveness – I thanked Dominic for his love and asked him to forgive this selfish and prideful mother. I asked that God grant me the graces of unconditional love so that I could reach out and love others, unconditionally, without judgment. I prayed for God to teach me to love in the way Jesus does – without holding back. I thought that with this, my time with the Lord would have concluded. But no, God spoke to me: This is His letter for me: “My dearest child, The special needs child is given to families not as a punishment – but as a special gift from me. Through these children, I’m teaching you what true love is. Children are rare gifts and they show such innocence, such sweetness and child-likeness that most children lose as they grow older. They show how loving or cruel this world can be when people react with or without judgments. These special needs children too have lives, they too have emotions, they too deserve to live – they too deserve to love and be loved. When you look at families with special needs child, you will feel that there’s so much love, so much true and authentic love – they are loved for who they are, not how they look and what they can accomplish. It’s really the soul and the heart that’s the essence of a person. Look beyond their appearances, look and feel with your heart, reach deep inside that oasis of love that springs forth from my love for you. I can see and sense that you could start to relate and being able to see yourself loving and caring for a special needs child – it’ll help you to love and accept the 3 children you have now.” I thank and praise God for His faithful and unending love. After this experience, I can truly say that I find completion at last. I was able to let go … let go of Dominic, let go of my guilt and learn to love better. Most of all, I found a profound sense of peace. I could feel God’s love – so tangible and so real. After that encounter, I could then think with Dominic with a smile on my face, knowing that I would one day see him and be able to hug and love him. There was no more guilt, no more self-condemnation. Like I said, this was just one of the many beautiful encounters that I have had with the Lord through journaling and spending time in the Adoration Room. But this was an experience that I feel most prompted to share. I do hope that through my sharing, it would encourage all of you to make time for the Lord and journal. When I share that the Lord spoke to me, it is not so much of an audible voice that I hear, it is more of a feeling. The pen in my hand just moved, I just wrote and wrote – the words just flow and when I read back, I know that it is truly the Holy Spirit at work and it is indeed the Lord speaking to me through my journaling and healing me. There are times when I don’t get consolation but I just continue to be in communion with the Lord, through prayers, through journaling and just sitting there at the feet of Jesus. The Lord is faithful, even if I don’t hear him speaking to me at times in the Adoration, He always speakers to me in other ways during the day, through things and through people. It is seeing God in everything and in everyone. Jer 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Back then, I had not returned to church yet. But the Lord is faithful, He never left me. God did send angels to comfort me but I was too overwrought with sadness. I remember well the day when I had to undergo the day surgery at Mount Alvernia Hospital to remove the foetus when the gynae found out in the morning that there was no heartbeat. I was laying there at the hospital bed sobbing, waiting to be pushed into the operation room, I thought I saw, I heard a little angel flying up, telling me “Mommy, don’t worry about me. I am safe. I am happy.” But that did not comfort me. A week or so after that, a friend from Australia called me out of the blue. She is a very successful business woman and yet a very spiritual person, a Catholic herself with a very big heart, someone whom I have a great deal of respect for. She had no idea I had a miscarriage and just called to see how I was doing. I was feeling very down and depressed, and tended to cry whenever I thought of the miscarriage. I told her what happened. And she asked me point blank “Is that good news or bad news?”. If not for my respect for her, I would have scolded her. I held back and told her that since it was a miscarriage, I supposed it was bad news. Julie asked me “Do you know why the baby’s not born? I know why” I thought sarcastically to myself “Well, the gynae is trying to find out and the lab result is not out yet. If you know, tell me” But of course, I politely told her that we did not know yet as we were still waiting to meet our gynae to get the result. She told me clearly “Delphine, the baby’s not born because it is not healthy. I want you to thank God and I want you to thank the baby. If the baby’s being born abnormal, it would be such a strain on you and your family – emotionally, physically and financially and it will drain you out. I know because I went through it myself” After her conversation, I did find some peace, especially when we were told by the gynae that the result showed that the foetus was not properly formed but I was still feeling depressed and it seemed that I was never going to find a completion.)

September 3, 2020 |