Lori Giovannini

Catholic Relationship Coach

Heal Your Mindset Heal Your Life
Lori Giovannini

Catholic Relationship Coach

Heal Your Mindset Heal Your Life
Are You Managing Your Mind or is Your Mind Managing YOU?

Did You Know There is a Judge in Your Mind Trying Hard to Sabotage Your Life? Your Healing?
Were You Aware That Our Relationship with God is First Developed in Our Brain?

People Need Help Healing from Emotional Pain, During and After an Illness, a Trust and Respect Issues in a Relationship Like Your Marriage

I created this website to build a community of prayer warriors and share our stories of encouragement, healing, and hope. When you combine prayer with mindset coaching, amazing miracles happen in your life especially for those who have been struggling with or the aftermath of an illness, a personal or traumatic loss or a difficult relationship. I want to be that person who helps you on your journey toward healing and wholeness. HEALED BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS, SOUL and SPIRIT. 

Jesus wants you to live whole and healed in every way! During the 20 years of healing ministry and after praying with hundreds of people, I have seen God’s healing hand in every prayer that He has allowed me to participate in. I have seen answered prayer come in many shapes and forms. I have witnessed emotional healing, like Jesus helping to forgive someone who has deeply hurt them. 

I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit work a healing miracle in a woman who after 40 years was able to forgive herself for aborting her baby. I still can close my eyes and feel the pain being released from her body as Jesus healed her, body, mind, soul and spirit. After she finally forgave herself, Jesus was then able to heal her from fibromyalgia. She had accepted the love of Christs’ forgiveness and now, years later, has a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children.

I have learned from healing ministry and coaching my clients that many times Jesus must heal a deep hurt or something spiritual like the effects of sin, before a person is free from the chains that hold them to receive the physical healing. This is not to say that Jesus can’t heal her, of course Jesus can but freeing her mindset so she is ready to receive the healing which is so important for a complete healing is critical. It is just one reason why I am so passionate about healing the mindset and managing your emotions in coaching.

As a Certified Life & Brain Health Coach and Prayer Warrior, my clients ask me all the time why do some people receive a healing and others don’t. First, (I am not God), but I do believe that everyone who asks gets healed in some way. I have witnessed some form of healing whether spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical in everyone I have prayed over for a healing. Maybe the disease is still present but the pain is relieved or there is a feeling of peace over them because the spirit of fear has left them. Not just in healings of believers but non-believers alike receive some form of a healing.

I have seen great conversion happen while praying with a sick non-believer, which I believe is one of the greatest healings, Jesus can give us. They may not receive the physical healing or the healing package that they came for but trust me, Jesus always heals something we need badly healed in those who ask Him. God always has a better plan then we ever could imagine for our life and through coaching we can discover that plan. For an appointment to see if coaching is a good fit for you, please click the link below.

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The purpose of this website is to build community, pray for each other and share and give God thanks for the big and small miracles in our lives. To give hope to the sick and weary. To encourage and build each other up in our journey here on earth. To be vulnerable and boldly ask our brothers and sisters to go to the throne of God to pray for us and all of our needs. 

To give Glory to God as we learn that it is God’s will that we pray for each other, we see His Mighty Miracles, His Blessings and His Grace in each other’s lives. I pray that you will be blessed abundantly and receive many blessings from praying, being prayed for and witnessing God’s Mighty Power in your life and in the lives of others.

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Let us be the 2 or 3 or 10 or 50 or 100 people in the midst of Jesus and pray for each other. 

For where two or more are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. -- Matthew 18:20

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Do you have a story of healing and hope? A time when Jesus intervened to help you? Stepped in and gave you a hand? Healed you? Saved you? Maybe you saw the Hand of God and even received a miracle in your life or someone else’s you would like to share. Please send us your story! Give God the glory He so deserves for His Graces and Blessings in your life.
Tell your story to encourage others.
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Hear What Past Clients Say

  • As a Catholic, my faith is foundational to my life, giving it purpose and meaning. When I was seeking a Life Coach to assist me with a career change, I realized a Catholic Coach was very important for my needs. Working with a Catholic coach was instrumental in helping me to plan my next chapter. With Lori, our coaching sessions started and ended with prayer. Knowing that Lori understood that my Catholic Christian beliefs were essential to my life goals/plans helped me to trust her and be open and honest in all of our sessions. The alignment of our faith was key to my growth in our sessions and I am eternally grateful God sent her in my life.

    Mary Ann, 65
  • Lori is a talented life coach. She has wisdom that puts things that seem overwhelming into perspective and provides guidance that is actionable. Lori is so passionate about life coaching- she makes you feel like her only client and genuinely cares about you as a person. She utilizes her faith and helps you start your own journey to your walk with God. She has helped me through many hurdles in my life and gives me confidence in myself. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone- she can help you grow, learn about yourself and drive you to be the person you were created to be.

    Jim, 26
  • Lori absolutely changed my life. For years I struggled with anxiety which in turn made me depressed, I felt alone, lost and confused in my own mind.  I knew my life was good. Why didn't I feel happy? Why did I worry about social interactions so much? I spent so much time worrying about whether worrying was normal.

    After working with Lori for 4 or so sessions things started turning around. I went from letting my emotions run my life to taking charge of running my life and regulating my emotions!

    I truly was in such a lost place I thought I had NO hope and was scared I'd never feel like myself again. Not only do I feel like myself, I am the best version of myself yet.

    Thank you for everything, Lori<3

    Melissa, 30
  • When I met Lori last year I was at the lowest point I have ever been. Feeling pretty hopeless. Bad enough that I figured I would try anything. I decided to try life coaching. The beginning was a lot of unloading . Reliving some hard memories I had buried pretty deep and didn't welcome easily but once I got them out and began learning an entire new approach to how to think about my experiences, a calmness I hadn't had in years came over me and the old me in that moment and moving forward was gone. Don’t get me wrong it took a lot of hard work. Pushing myself to do the outside work after learning the tools from Lori was when I really started to notice results even more dramatic then the beginning! 

    Her way of teaching is so inspirational and got me so excited to take my power back and jump into something that used to be so overwhelming for me and I had no idea where to start. She helped me map it all out and was super easy to follow along with. The "ammo" I now have to chose how I deal with the good and the bad completely and fully changed my life! I am a different person today. Lori's heart and love for God shines through her and I felt his presence throughout all our sessions! I feel more of a person and a better one at that from knowing Lori and letting her guide me to this miracle of getting my life back! I still have work to do on my journey but she is always there in my head guiding me back to how I need to be to get the results I want. 

    Thank you so much Lori!!!

    Brianna, 28
  • Lori helped me as a Catholic understand the healing process of looking in hope toward the future. I grew in my understanding of Jesus, and my identity as His beloved. Lori has a welcoming and understanding heart, always ready to listen and guide her clients to greater freedom in whatever they're wrestling with. I would recommend anyone to work with Lori and to continue in their journey with healing in the name of Jesus.

    Maclaine  C.
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